PepsiCo Experiential Marketing Campaign Canada

A Brand Awareness Campaign Resulting in National Sales Boost

Pepsico looked to Reef Agency to raise awareness for two of their biggest brands, Harvest Fruit & Nut bar and three flavours of Crispy Mini’s.  We put our hungry minds to work immediately to create the concepts and deliver a national program for both brands. We designed and developed the entire program which included branded vehicles, uniforms, coupons, lunch packs and food carts. We also scouted locations to ensure the right target demographic being affluent young business women and mothers who generally snack on the go and care about their diet. We staffed 65 programs with over 70 brand ambassadors working 3,384 hours. Reef Agency delivered a successful national program and exceeded our target numbers by reaching over 400,000 people across the country, resulting in a national sales boost for Pepsico.